Instructions for Writers


The GERIF network wants to promote the publishing of research informed texts on its webpage. The idea is to disseminate academic knowledge to fellow researchers and practitioners as well as to broader audience, with the aim of opening up new perspectives, sparking discussions and generating reflexive action.  Please take into account the heterogeneous audience when writing your text.

We welcome two types of texts: blog texts and book reviews (see specified instructions below). Please include relevant references as endnotes or embedded in text. The author is responsible for the fact check and references.

You can send your text to gerif1blog[at]


The GERIF network blog welcomes research informed texts about global education. The blog text can be – for instance – a popularization of your own research, a summary of an interesting lecture or a conference, or a comment on current debates within global education. The preferred length of the blog texts is 2000-5000 characters (with spaces).


We welcome book reviews of research informed literature on global education. The book review should preferably discuss the following elements: 1) the central topic of the book, 2) the theoretical and/or empirical context of the book, 3) the societal and/or pedagogical relevance of the book, 4) your own thoughts on the book. The preferred length of the book review is 3000-6000 characters (with spaces).